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17 Aug 2016

7 Years

What can current musicians do without the foundation set from the legendary bands and classic artists that came before them?

Lukas Graham
Vivian Scott at Epic Records spoke the facts when she asserted "There will be no new school with no old school". The status of "Legendary" and "Classic" with regards to music is reserved for the very best of the most effective. Despite having 1000s of bands with great music, there's always those that stay ahead of the others.

If you want to discuss timeless music, Chuck Berry is among the best places to begin. Berry's hit song "Johnny B. Goode" in 1958 is so popular that I doubt any one of you read the song title without singing it or hearing it enjoy in your mind. This came from exactly the same decade that brought you "Hound Dog" through the King himself, Elvis Presley, and "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash. Such as the misinterpret this as age solely defines if a song can be a classic. As new generations of music are ushered in, their utmost artists leave their mark as well. So move ahead with time and you'll find: Aretha Franklin prepared to show you just a little "Respect"; Van Morrison letting you know what we should use to sing in "Brown Eyed Girl"; and also the Who, reminding you what this time around period is focused on with "My Generation".

With hundreds or possibly a large number of classic songs on the market, no list could do justice towards the these great bands. The truth that each decade leaves behind it's own legends provides that generation the ability to interpret who should be on that list. Mash-ups and songs protected by newer artist prove ale the present generation's capacity to represent the legends that inspired them. As an example DJ Danger Mouse combined artist Jay-Z's "The Black Album "with The Beatle's "The White Album" to produce The Grey Album; and you've got probably turned the radio as you heard the intro to Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" only to find it's a covered version by The Ataris.

But don't forget, many of these bands are still alive and a few of which have continued producing music. You can get Guitar Hero III and battle Slash from Guns N' Roses or lookup tour dates for Metallica and Sting. In the record companies, it's possible to be considered a living legend. Just ask The Rolling Stones what it was want to rock out with the dinosaurs when you are inside their next concert.

Music used to be defined as the foodstuff from the soul.

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